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zSQLMON GA Version 5.1

The team at zSQLMON are pleased to annouce the GA for zSQLMON version 5.0.1.  This version provides the following benefits:


1)  Static SQL monitoring alongside the already feature rich dynamic SQL monitoring capabilities.

2) Enhanced GUI experience.

3) DB2 11 support.

zSQLMON GA Version 4.1

zSQLMON Version 4.0.1 is now released on general availability (GA)! 


Thanks to all the team who participiated on the beta program!  

zSQLMON on the Web

We have now set up a series of dedicated sites for great information for zSQLMON.  Please follow us on LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter:


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zSQLMON V3.0.1 New Features

Welcome to the zSQLMON V3.0.1 release notes.  zSQLMON V3.0.1 brings a great new feature set including:

  • New Host monitor called "OBJ" monitor capturing page set level statistics including I/O times, lock suspension, castout delays, drains, data set extensions, write delays and open/close events.  
  • Full GUI support for the new monitor.
  • New average and total counters for the SQL Analyzer allowing end users to pick out top 'n' SQL's based on averages or totals CPU or elapsed time figures.
  • Dashboard views providing pie charts showing CPU, Suspension and Other times for SQL's, as well as detailed suspension time breakdowns.  
  • Sorting by Elapsed time and CPU - data can be sorted in descending sequence for CPU or Elapsed time allowing DBA’s to use different criteria for finding heavy hitters.
  • Sorting by Average or Total times - data can also be sorted by average times or by total times to provide DBA’s the flexibility in viewing heavy hitters.
  • New Views linking DB2 objects (tables and indexes) to dynamic SQL statements. These views will show locking, I/O and other detailed performance data for objects used by dynamic SQL statements in their access paths.
  • Linking QUERY_INTERNAL_NBR’s ("QIN") together and providing free format text to explain the association.

zSQLMON Version 3.0.1 is now released on general availability (GA)!  Please register and get your free 90 day copy of zSQLMON and start to turn the screws on those nasty long running queries. 

Thanks to all the team who participiated on the beta program!   


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